About Signum

In 1999, Signum LLC was established to partner with businesses in all industries to eliminate the risk, liability, and aggravations associated with human resources and other business administrative functions – and to do so with the highest level of professional and personal service.

Kenneth Ray spent over 25 years managing human resource functions for major corporations in South Carolina. After forming his own successful international business consulting for the amusement industry, he recognized the vital need small and mid-sized businesses have for human resource services and professional guidance that typically are available only to large companies.

In the early nineties, Ray represented a national employer who arranged service franchises in the two Carolinas. As his employer’s client base rapidly multiplied, its senior level management relegated customer service to written and non-personal service. This was contrary to everything the company said it did.

Insistent on proper, prompt, and professional service for every client, Ray was supported in forming his own company by D. Loy Stewart, owner of Deytens Shipyards and numerous other business ventures. Twenty years later, Signum’s expertise and commitment to personal service has positioned Signum as an industry leader in the region.

As a fellow business owner, Ray fully understands the daily challenges involved with these demands. Handling the never-ending, non-productive tasks of managing the increasing regulatory nightmare that now exists is easily eliminated. By partnering with Signum, clients maintain control of their business while many of the liabilities that come with being an employer are removed. Clients focus on what they are in business to do – run and grow their companies.

As a licensed professional employer organization (PEO), Signum works closely with clients to provide expertise in the following key areas:

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