Background Checks

For many businesses, it is important to conduct thorough background checks on all potential new hires in order to protect not only the integrity of your company, but also the interests and well-being of employees and customers. Just one new hire that hasn't been properly vetted for red flags that indicate a tendency for criminal, violent, or other undesirable behaviors can easily cost a company thousands or even millions of dollars in embezzled funds, employment lawsuits, turnover costs, and damage to the company's reputation. A thorough background check to examine potential new hires can help business owners in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and the entire Southeast region ensure a safer and more stable environment. Signum has the expertise to provide comprehensive and legal background checks that can drastically reduce the risk of theft, fraud, violence, and other types of criminal behavior in the workplace, along with the costly corporate liability that can result from workplace negligence and misconduct. Payroll and Administration

More Than Just a Criminal Check

Although a thorough criminal analysis is a crucial component of a background check, digital technology and interconnectedness of databases around the nation make the modern background check much more than just a summary of an individual's criminal history. A comprehensive background check conducted by the experts at Signum HR will not only search extensively for criminal history between states, counties and U.S. territories, but will also provide a national sex offender registry search, alias searches, person searches (including social security number and address verification), as well as homeland security and watch list searches. Signum will provide business owners with a complete picture of a potential employee's past, both professionally and personally, and identify warning signs that indicate criminal or negligent behavior. Background checks conducted by Signum provide search results promptly so that business owners can make an educated and timely employment decision regarding each new hire.

Customized Background Screening Program from Signum

Signum specializes in providing customized solutions made to address your business' specific needs as well as the positions being screened for, saving you both time and money in the long run. A comprehensive and compliant background screening process is essential for the protection of your company, employees, and customers. Contact Signum today for more information on how we can design and manage a background screening program that meets the needs of your unique company.

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