Drug Screening Program

Drug Screening Program

Drug and alcohol abuse have a significant impact on small and mid-sized businesses as it creates unsafe working conditions, unhealthy employees, loss of productivity, smaller profits, more accidents, higher medical claims and expenses, as well as a number of other negative effects for both the company and its employees. A drug-free workplace program can help to create a work environment that provides a safe workplace, discourages drug and alcohol abuse, and encourages proper treatment for employees with drug and/or alcohol abuse problems. In addition, many states provide workers' compensation premium credits to companies that maintain an established and compliant drug-free workplace program.

Random drug testing is a critical component for maintaining a drug-free workplace. This crucial management tactic will assist in discouraging employees from using drugs. However, you don't have to burden your in-house team with managing the random drug testing process, instead you can let Signum HR do the heavy lifting.

Helping Local Businesses Complete Random Drug Tests

Signum provides random drug testing to help local businesses in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and the entire Southeast region maintain a drug-free work environment. These tests are completed on a random basis to deter illegal drug use. A computer-generated random employee selection process ensures that there is no bias in choosing which employees will be tested. Studies show that employees are less likely to use illegal drugs if they do not know when they will be tested; therefore, the random drug testing dates are typically not announced to employees.

Why Are Random Drug Tests Beneficial?

Drug use and abuse is one of the leading causes of poor employee morale, high turnover rates, decreased levels of productivity, as well as increased levels in employee absenteeism, accidents, downtime, and theft. Fortunately, random drug screening can help to reduce and prevent drug use among your employees. Here are a few of the benefits of creating a random drug screening program for your business:

  • Create a safer workplace for all employees: If your company uses tools and/or equipment that could be dangerous if operated incorrectly, it is important to ensure a drug-free workplace. Random drug screening creates a safer environment for everyone by ensuring that employees are not under the influence of drugs while on the job and are in the right mindset to perform their duties safely.
  • Improve workplace stability: Random drug screening programs are designed to reduce many of the workplace problems associated with drug use and abuse. When employees are drug free, they are more capable of completing their assigned tasks, leading to reduced turnover rates and a more stable workforce.
  • Save money and resources: By eliminating the workplace issues associated with drug use and abuse, business owners in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and the entire Southeast region can save a significant amount of money and resources. For example, higher turnover rates mean spending extra time, money, and business resources for recruiting, on-boarding, and training new employees. When turnover rates decrease, those funds and resources can be used for other, more productive business expenditures.

Let Signum Help You Create a Drug-Free Workplace

Signum's drug screening programs can help your business become a drug-free workplace. Contact the experts at Signum today to find out how we can customize a drug screening program to meet the unique needs of your company.

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