Human Resources Guidance

Access to HR advice and guidance is essential for businesses. Whether the HR guidance is around workplace procedures and policies, individual or collective employee issues, or compliance, Signum is here for you.

Signum offers a comprehensive and customizable set of solutions to address and manage your Human Resources challenges including:

PEO Clients
  • The development and/or updating of your company's employee handbook, workplace policies and procedures
  • Creating and revising job descriptions
  • Hiring and orientation processes, disciplinary actions and employment termination
  • The development and management of HR documents and forms
  • Maintaining proper personnel files
  • Providing legally mandated Federal and State worksite posters and notices
  • COBRA compliance and administration
  • Exempt and non-exempt classification compliance
  • Management of the unemployment process including claims, hearings, and appeals
  • Compliance with E-Verify, background checks, and the entire new hire process including required reporting
  • And Much More!

The employment landscape is ever changing. As new legislation and regulations become effective, you must ensure that your company policies and procedures align with these changes and are designed to help you achieve your overall business goals.

It is essential that you have access to human resources professionals who will not only help you resolve employment issues as they arise, but also proactively ensure that your practices and procedures are current. Contact the experts at Signum to learn more about how we can help with your HR needs.

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